Bark Busters Client Reviews

"Jo is simply excellent. Separation anxiety was the main issue for us at first, Michael being a new puppy; and me being a first time puppy mummy, I was also anxious to get it right! We've all being sleeping well since Jo got involved with us, Michael is calm at bed times and we are all sleeping through the night! Jo is an excellent trainer and is ever ready to answer any questions and offer reassurance and guidance as necessary. She is patient, kind, knowledgeable and clearly loves what she's doing. No wonder she does it so well!"
R.E., Ilford, Essex 11th April 2013
Trainer's Comments:
This owner has a lovely little Bolognese puppy. Michael is a little shy and needs time to get to get to know new people and settle into new situations. His owner has been very diligent in building her puppy's confidence so he can feel secure on his own and comfortable when presented with new experiences. He is a bright little boy and eager to please his new family. It is a delight to see him progressing so well with his kind and caring owner.

"Jo is fantastic, we can't recommend her highly enough to anybody who is struggling with dog behavioural problems. We have two Yorkshire Terrier x Jack Russell males who barked and behaved uncontrollably whenever anybody came to the house. We also had separation anxiety issues and Jo completely identified both sets of problems we were having and has given us excellent advice on ways to address the bad behaviour. She also explained why the dogs behave the way they do which makes it easier use the techniques in the right way. For us, it is still a 'work in progress' but Jo is always available to give advice and support. Jo has shown us how to be in control of our dogs which immediately made our dogs happier and more settled."
D.F., Ingrave, Essex 4th April 2013
Trainer's Comments:
These owners have a tough job on their hands. One of their dogs is really struggling with his constant drive to protect his owners and the house at all costs and will take every opportunity he can to go back to what he sees as "his job" of guarding. This means his owners have to be persistent and consistent when trying to resolve this. Fortunately he has owners who are prepared to do the work and recognise that this isn't a "quick fix". They have progressed really well. Both dogs are happier, more settled and prepared to listen to their owners and respect the boundaries put in place. The long term outlook for these dogs is good and I have every confidence that these owners will achieve their aims.

"Teddy & Derek didn't have the best start in life being in a rescue centre in Spain for the first 5 months of their lives and having very little human contact. We felt we had made good progress in integrating these frightened little dogs into the family and giving them a happy and stable home. However, there were still a few things they did that we were not happy with, in particular they would jump up and bark at small children. Jo explained to us, why the dogs reacted the way they did to children. She also pointed out how they reacted to one another, to us and more importantly how we reacted to them, and what we were doing wrong!. She explained what needed to be done to overcome the problems we are having and left us with some exercises to get us started. We are already seeing a difference in the way 'the boys' react to each other and to us and we are looking forward to continuing to work with Jo to resolve the issues we have. I have already recommended Jo to a number of people and wouldn't hesitate to do so in the future."
J.W., Hockley, Essex 19th March 2013
Trainer's Comments:
These terrier cross breed dogs were lucky enough to find the right family from the outset. They have patiently integrated the dogs slowly but surely into their family lives and nurtured the relationship to the point where the dogs were ready to pay attention and listen to them instead of scurrying behind the sofa. They have done amazingly well and just needed to know how to keep progressing with the dogs. When dogs have had such little human contact as these there is no "quick fix". Everything has to be done patiently without rushing, so the dogs are confident that "their humans" will protect them from what scares them (children) and look after them. They really are delightful dogs and are an advertisement for what can be done with very damaged dogs when they find the right homes.

"After receiving a letter from the council regarding a complaint about my dogs barking especially late at night, I contacted Jo at Bark Busters. Within days I had my dogs barking under control and so life is much less stressful for myself, my dogs and my neighbours. Jo has addressed every issue I have with my dogs explaining fully why they do it. I have been retrained in my approach and handling of my dogs and they have responded beautifully. I recommend Jo to all dogs and their owners!"
W.L., Herongate, Essex 14th March 2013
Trainer's Comments:
This owner was distraught to find that she was upsetting her neighbours and quickly put everything she needed in place to get her dogs (Jack Russell Terriers/Chihuahua crosses) to stop barking and listen to her. Particular credit is due as one of her dogs has a very serious medical condition and his ill health was the main reason for her allowing bad behaviour in the first place. She has had such good results she is now methodically tackling other problems such as submissive weeing in the house and dog to dog aggression with very good effect. It is a delight for me to see such happy and settled dogs.

"I am very pleased with the progress of the training that Jo has suggested. I was not at all sure whether calling in Bark Busters was a good idea but I am really happy that I did. Jo has given me a lot of advice not only on behaviour but on feeding as well. She makes our meetings very enjoyable. I would not hesitate to recommend Bark Busters to friends. In fact I already have."
I.G., Chelmsford, Essex 3rd March 2013
Trainer's Comments:
This lady has two lovely rough collies who are very nervous and barked constantly. One of the dogs lunged for joggers and cyclists and their owner found it very difficult to take them both out for a walk together. She is an experienced dog owner and has done very well resolving her dogs problems despite bouts of ill health. She can now take them out confidently and enjoy her walks.

"Excellent. Millie has made tremendous progress in the 10 days since Jo visited."
M.S., Shoeburyness, Essex 15th February 2013
Trainer's Comments:
Millie is a Cockerpoo who's owners needed a training program in place before going with her to France and Spain for several months. Millie was hyperactive and constantly attention seeking making it difficult for her owners to safely take her in their camper van and on their boat. She would also escape and run off and not come back. In a very short time she has truly made the "tremendous progress" her owners have commented on and they can now enjoy their extended holiday with their lovely dog.

"We took on a Battersea rescue Staffie Cross, called Coco in August 2012. As relatively experienced dog owners we thought that when she presented any behavioural issues that we would be able to deal with it. We were wrong, in reality, Coco was a very scared little dog, who if we left her alone in the house would chew her way through crates, eat and scratch our internal doors, be terrified of loud noises (fireworks and thunder storms) and in general looked very unhappy and unsettled whilst living with us. Outside of the house she would kill any ball within her eyesight and bark and jump at any dog larger than herself, all without us being able to distract or calm her. We had thrown every little tip and trick we had learnt with our previous dogs but had little to no success with these methods. In January 2013, we could no longer deal with seeing our beautiful little dog looking so miserable with her life. I saw that Jo had worked with my local rescue, Hornchurch Animal Rescue with some success so as we had literally nothing to lose decided to make the phone call. This was one of the wisest decisions we had ever made. Jo visits your home for a few hours and quickly assesses your dog by their body language. We had a very anxious dog and we were making her worse by not addressing her bad behaviour and reassuring her when she was really fearful. Jo leaves you with a given a tailored program of re-training her and reinforcing her good behaviour. As she is such an intelligent little girl she really took to the new regime like a duck to water. Jo really proves that if you are willing to put in a little of your time every day in training your dog that you will get repaid a thousandfold. We have a happy relaxed little dog who is now seen in the local neighbourhood as an ambassador for her breed. Thank you Jo x"
N.R., Hornchurch, Essex 5th February 2013
Trainer's Comments:
This family had taken on a beautiful Staffordshire Bull Terrier cross who was so anxious she found it hard to handle everyday situations. It is impossible to know if her time in rescue caused these problems or if she was in rescue because of them, but the end result meant that Coco spent her time reacting to situations she couldn’t handle with some pretty unpleasant consequences for her loving family. The worst of this being her separation anxiety where she would destroy the house if left on her own. Her owners have worked hard to build Cocos confidence and she has blossomed into a lovely friendly dog who now looks to them to look after her and is a dog who is enjoying her life to the full. An amazing turn around in this little dogs life.

"Before Jo became our trainer I almost could not walk my own dog on leash. Pepper would jump at me, bite the leash and at his worst he bit me in his over excited frenzies. As a 31kg boxer, this was becoming dangerous for us all, as well as heartbreaking as all I wanted was to walk and jog with my boy. The previous (non Barkbusters) training we received in Germany (where we had been living) involved some overly harsh methods, meaning Jo had to undo and put right some bad learned behaviours (both Pepper and mine). Jo has some great training techniques and identified the areas that Pepper and I needed to work on. Not everything works for every dog, so Jo always had alternative training methods if our initial efforts did not go well and kept going until we found the solution. Jo gives very clear instructions and always leaves you with a clear plan of what you need to work on with your dog. The result? I can now walk, jog, run with Pepper and I can fully enjoy the benefits of dog ownership, like everyone should be able to. I know that Jo will continue to support us throughout our 12 month agreement and always responds quickly to any questions i have in between our meetings. One final comment, Jo recommended we shift to a raw food diet, which we did. Pepper loves it and looks really well for the diet change. I second her recommendation and advise dog owners to research and consider a raw food diet for their pet."
J.F., Basildon, Essex 2nd February 2013
Trainer's Comments:
This owner had a really tough job on her hands. She had tried numerous ways to resolve the problem without success. Her Boxer Pepper is a really confident dog and although his general level of training was very good he would simply do what he wanted to do with no heed to his owner when over excited. Pepper has proved to be an extremely intelligent dog and his owner has worked very hard at getting her dog to listen to her in all situations and respond to her instruction even when distracted. This work means that Pepper is much calmer and his owner is now able to re-focus him onto her so that he doesn't run off after other dogs balls and more to the point doesn't treat the lead as a big game to play tug-of-war with. A fantastic result.

"Our Dog Archie had very bad separation anxiety. The training was hard but fun and we kept on with the recommendations until eventually Archie stopped! Whilst we are still fearful of leaving him and record him while we are out, so far he has been brilliant."
K.B., Basildon, Essex 1st February 2013
Trainer's Comments:
This family had a very tough job. Their Cocker Spaniel had severe separation anxiety and became distressed as soon as they left the house. They managed the situation with family help and doggy daycare but wanted their dog to be settled and happy when they were out and have worked hard to get to where they are now. Archie can now be left without him howling, barking and pacing the house waiting for them to come back. A wonderful transformation they can be truly proud of.

"We didn't know what to expect,but after a chat and an explanation to why Bonnie was acting the way she was (trying to be pack leader over the men in the family), we was told she was a frightened little pup who didn't want the responsibility that she had taken on. After a few training tasks set by Jo, it was amazing to see Bonnie react well. We have been doing the tasks for 2 weeks now and Bonnie is no longer pushing past us up and downstairs, she comes when called indoors and from the garden and growling is down to 2-3 times a week rather than countless times per day."
S.G., Hornchurch, Essex 28th January 2013
Trainer's Comments:
This lovely family adore Bonnie their collie cross dog and treated her as queen in the home, but Bonnie was uncomfortable with this and spent her time constantly growling at the men and would only listen to her female owner. Bonnie has thrived knowing what her boundaries are now and her true dog nature is showing through. Congratulations to her owners who have worked very hard to put rules in place for Bonnie and stick to them. She is a testament to their hard work and commitment.

"Third time lucky. Should have gone to Bark Busters the 1st time round. Been telling everyone about Jo our Trainer, even if they don't have a dog! The training is just what I have been looking for. Jo comes round to your house and spends time with you and your dog and that is great. Don't need to explain a lot as she can see what your dog is like and training is put in place straight away (and done from your own home). Jo makes it so easy. You can ask anything and Jo will help you solve the problem. I was helped with Tips diet which I have had trouble with since I have had him. Thank you Jo. Thank you Bark Busters."
L.D., Chadwell Heath, Essex 28th January 2013
Trainer's Comments:
This owner has a very active border collie and simply wanted to know how to deal with his problems quickly and efficiently. Tip was so hyperactive she struggled to get him to stop to try to learn anything and a series of health issues when he was a pup meant that general training had been almost impossible. Tip has responded brilliantly to the training. His owner simply needed to know what to do and she has stuck at it and now has a dog she can truly be proud of. Top marks!!!

"Having never had a dog before I never realised how hard it would be to train one. My Pomeranian Marley was a terror, every bad behavioural trait you could expect in a dog he had, aggression, chewing, barking, attention seeking you name it. After my first phone call with Jo I knew she would be exactly what we needed, not only was she experienced she immediately made me feel at ease with her. From our first session Marley was a different dog, everyone who knew him was noticing the difference. Not only had his behaving improved dramatically it was clear to see that he was a happier dog. This is all thanks to Jo. She has shown me that with a few simple changes I can have the loving well behaved dog I thought I was getting in the first place. Thank you Jo"
M.C., Chadwell Heath, Essex 6th January 2013
Trainer's Comments:
Marley was an extremely nervous dog and almost all his behaviour came from fear. This owner got her whole family involved in his rehabilitation and took great delight in the amazing changes she saw in Marley as the training progressed. She enjoyed it so much she has even gone on to do additional obedience training with him and Marley is now confident enough to entertain family and friends rather than to bark and try and bite them. A truly amazing result.

"Jo was brilliant. She showed us that our puppy could be trained quite easily with the right knowledge. She also showed us that we were at fault in lots of ways and gave us great guidance in how to resolve these issues. Bailey is coming along a treat and whilst it's work in progress, we can see light at the end of the tunnel. Thanks Jo"
S.B., Romford, Essex 18th December 2012
Trainer's Comments:
Bailey is a lovely little Bichon Frieze puppy who has had some health problems which made his issues harder to deal with. He didn't like to be on his own and was very demanding of attention to the point where he would bite his owners if they didn't give in. A lot of work has been done by his owners to make him more confident and settled and he is now very obedient and well behaved. The final issue - still toileting on puppy pads - has had to be put on hold owing to his ill health, but I am confident his owners will do a great job when he is well enough to tackle this.

"We have been astounded by the change in our German Shepherd puppy, Blue, since starting the training with Jo. He used to spend a lot of time outdoors as we were not sure how to integrate him properly within our home, even though he was already house trained and always sleeps indoors. Jo identified that Blue was very anxious and worked on techniques to help him overcome this. Since her first visit, Blue spends most of his time indoors and we all feel so much more confident with him and him with us. Jo also advised us of what he should be eating and this change in diet has really benefitted him. Blue still has more training to do in terms of lead walking etc but we are confident now that we are on the right track. We always look forward to seeing Jo as her input and training has been invaluable. We just wish we had contacted her sooner."
MF, Ilford 17th November 2012
Trainer's Comments:
This lovely family wanted their dog to be part of their family and were disappointed to find that Blue seemed to prefer to be outside. Blue had few social manners and simply wanted to do his own thing so it was a case of them all working hard to teach him what was acceptable manners and to actually listen to his owners. He has come on in leaps and bounds and now prefers to be inside with his owners rather than outside and has become a loving and obedient family pet. He is a true credit to his owners.

"Wow... What an impressive trainer. I had a problem dog and was pregnant with twins and panicked about how I could turn things around so that my dog would accept the babies and how I could correct/change her behaviour problems. Not only did the trainer help me turn my dog around but she also taught me how to be the owner/pack leader that I had always wanted to be. Her continued support has been soooooo helpful and has ensured that we don't regress. Jo has not only supported me and cassey at a very difficult/challenging time but has extended this support to my dog walker and family members. I would recommend Jo and Bark Busters to all family and friends and have been that impressed that my friend has also enlisted the help from Bark Busters for her dogs. My dog is sooooo content and completely different from before Jo came. I have recently had my twins and cassey has instantly accepted them as her pack members (as I religiously followed Jo's instructions). I had a small blip with cassey becoming protective of the babies but that was made worse as I had not recovered fully from the op, so Jo came for a follow up visit and now we're changing this behaviour and cassey seems happier for it. I will always be indebted to Jo for her expertise/compassion and continued support."
KM, Woodford Green, Essex 8th November 2012
Trainer's Comments:
This owner is has done everything she can to ensure that her dog and new babies live happily together. She had previously invested time in the training of her dog and had a very good relationship with cassey, but cassey felt that she had to protect at all times and was acting like a guard dog rather than a family pet. Everyone has pitched in and Cassey is now able to accept visitors and relax around strangers and is able to show her true loving personality without over stepping the mark.

"I was sceptical at first about whether this would work. After the first appointment I felt much happier in what was needed to achieve the results we needed. I didn't think we had made much progress but on the second visit it was surprising how far we had come. This is still an ongoing process but I feel that with Jo's help we have achieved so much. My two dogs still have their 'naughty' moments and I always have my water bottle handy in case they start to fight again. I am at last beginning to enjoy the dogs instead of thinking how stupid I was to have 2 dogs. I have to say a big thank you to Jo and have that reassurance that should I need her in the next year she is only a phone call away."
JA, Chelmsford Essex 11th October 2012
Trainer's Comments:
This owners dogs were constantly fighting. It would start off as over-exuberant playing and rapidly degenerate into scrapping and fighting. When left on their own it would include destruction and the neighbours were complaining about the noise. The owner and her family have put in a lot of hard work to get the dogs to listen and without them having to shout or physically pull the dogs apart any more. The dogs true personalities are now showing through and they can be enjoyed now rather than constantly told off. This is a major achievement in a very short period of time.

"I wasn't sure how much I would get from the training but was very surprised at how quickly there was an improvement in behaviour. Jo gave simple, easy to follow instructions and they work! I have to constantly reinforce what I have learnt but the dogs are responding - even Sam who is 11. It is hard work but I am getting results even with Charlie stealing food! Thank you Jo, look forward to our next session walking with food in the woods!"
GB, Woodford Green, Essex 3rd October 2012
Trainer's Comments:
These 2 lovely labradors have great temperaments but were really frustrating their owner with some annoying and embarrassing habits. The worse of which was Charlie who would dive into the dishwasher, steal any food he could and take shopping bags and food off anyone who walks past him. Despite having a very busy lifestyle this lady has had some real results with her dogs and it is a pleasure to see them happily responding to her and her commands rather than going off and doing their own thing. The owner has done fantastically well in getting great results in such a short time!!

"Jo was a lovely lady and made the time she was with us very enjoyable. She gave us lots of advice and good tips which we are using to help out 2 puppies easier to handle and train. The older of our 2 dogs is now taking notice of what we say to her and not being such a nuisance when people visit or walk past the house. Because the younger puppy is only 4 months old he will take a bit longer but is already responding well. We may need another visit in the future but at the moment are continuing with the advice Jo gave. I was recommended Jo by my hairdresser and have already recommended her to other friends."
JD, Hornchurch, Essex 20th September 2012
Trainer's Comments:
This owner had already worked hard with her two dogs, but was struggling a little owing to physical disability and 2 fast young dogs scampering around the place. It was helpful that the older of her two dogs alerted her to visitors but she wouldn't stop barking when the visitors came in. She has responded very well to guidance as to what she can and can't do and is a much happier and settled dog as a result. The younger puppy was starting to copy the older dog, but is now learning good behaviour at his own pace.

"Jo was amazing and still is! If I have any questions she is more than happy to advise me on the phone! It was so interesting to understand why my dogs are behaving the way they are.... Things are a lot easier now at home although being on my own with two big dogs is difficult! But me and the dogs are a lot happier now we all know our places! I loved the whole experience and want to say thank you so much! X"
NL, Hornchurch, Essex 12th September 2012
Trainer's Comments:
This owner struggled to take her dogs out together as they were competitive with each other and pulled her down the road. One of her dogs was rescued and although they looked to have settled in well together they competed for her attention in the home and refused at times to listen to her. Once she knew exactly why it was happening she took the necessary steps and her dogs responded immediately. She has done a fantastic job with her 2 big and powerful dogs and they are a credit to her patience and persistence in training them.

"I work for Hornchurch Animal Rescue and was at my wits end with Lulu my foster dog who had been with me for 3 months and already returned to rescue once at just 6 months old. Lulu was incredibly hard work - hyperactive, food possessive, would steal food from my 4yr old, pulled on the lead, was constantly mouthing and basically had no social manners. Long term dog experienced friends dreaded visits to my house. We saw Jo on 2 occasions after she very kindly offered to help with Lulu who I should've mentioned was a JRT x Dalmatian. After the first visit we saw a difference in her behaviour with immediate effect, after 10 minutes to be precise. We persevered with the 'baah' training which meant training me just as much as Lulu as we had both developed naughty habits and the results have been fantastic. Lulu has now been successfully re-homed to a lovely family with 3 children and 2 cats whom she adores. She walks much better on the lead, is no longer food possessive, has calmed down greatly and has settled in so well they can't imagine life without her. Big thank you to Jo for all of your help I didn't think Lulu would ever find a home and I couldn't have done it without your help."
KU, Hornchurch, Essex 31st August 2012
Trainer's Comments:
This lady is an extremely experienced dog fosterer and has rehabilitated a series of troubled dogs over the years. She also works tirelessly matching new families with the dogs, cats and other animals that come into the rescues care. Although Lulu was very young she had significant behavioural issues and it was a full time job keeping her safe and under control. As her fosterer this lady wanted the best chance for Lulu to be homed and was prepared to spend significant time and effort in training her, which she duly did. The successful homing of Lulu is a testament to her commitment to giving every dog a chance, no matter what their problems and that damaged dogs can be rehabilitated.

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