Bark Busters Client Reviews

"Jo has been amazing with my three dogs. From the first visit I saw a massive change in their behaviour - so much so that I had a house full of people and the dogs were calm and well behaved. Recently we have been doing hoover work with Daisy and again saw a massive improvement after the session."
W.A., Chemsford, Essex 30th May 2015

"The training we have received from Jo has been exceptional. We are so grateful to her! Poppy is like a new dog. Her recall is so much better and walking her is a real pleasure. Thank you Jo for everything you have taught us."
E.W., Brixton, London 28th March 2015

"We have seen a really big improvement in Jonty's behaviour. He is much calmer and happier now and we have some additional tools to work with in the immediate future."
J.B., Rochford, Essex 28th March 2015

"Bridget's recall improved 100% after we trained her using the recommended techniques and we are now able to enjoy walking her off the lead. Her indoor barking and over enthusiastic welcome have significantly improved."
L.A., Clapham, London 20th March 2015

"Mainly got in touch with Bark Busters as Karma was a very scared little dog. Now her confidence is well on the way of being sky high. Nothing can hold her back now! Lizzy's territorial barking is now but a distant memory. Jo is very friendly and helpful. Never too busy for me and my girls! Would highly recommend her to anyone."
N.H., Chigwell, Essex 20th March 2015

"I honestly didn't think Frankie was trainable, but thanks to Jo he now comes when called. He doesn't scream when taking him out for a walk or in the car. He listens to me and does what I tell him. He doesn't snatch food aggressively and nip my fingers. I can walk him with my Shit Zhu Freddie now which was impossible before. He is good with my grand daughter and doesn't nip her feet anymore. She can cuddle him and they fall asleep together. He loves the clicker and this helps me let him know what I want him to do. It has been so good I hardly had to use it after the first 5 weeks. I have had dogs all my life and have never had a dog as difficult as Frankie, but now he is a joy to own."
L.S., Carshalton, Surrey 20th March 2015

"We have had two training sessions with Jo now and she has helped us so much. Not only with our puppy but also training us to be good owners. We have done lots of research on the internet on how to train a puppy but Jo introduced techniques that we hadn't come across and everything is working so well! Thanks Jo!"
J.L., Lancaster Gate, London 19th March 2015

"Jo immediately gave us confidence in her ability and was able to explain behaviours we had not seen or understood....her manner was relaxed and even though it was not early in the day took the time she and we needed. Her advice was welcomed and having followed it we did see some improvement and by the time she came a second time the improvement was noticeable.... Jo took her time and we were relaxed with her in the house and confident in what she said and the advice we received I would highly recommend her for her knowledge, style and her ability to interact positively with us and with the dog...Thanks"
C.M., Basildon, Essex 8th March 2015

"We had a visit from Jo after 2 weeks of bringing our puppy home. She was excellent in giving us so much information about ways to train him, dietary advice and using a bell to get him to tell us when he had to go outside. He got the hang of this after one day and now tells us when he needs the back door open for him to go! Jo gave us all the information we needed and the website to go to to get the bell. He now is on a raw food diet and is a very happy little boy. Jo came for her second visit and has advised me how to train Jasper to stop pulling on the lead and I am sure it won't take long for us to achieve this. I am very pleased I chose this method of training rather than weekly puppy lessons as I am sure in just two visits we have learned more than we could have done going to weeks of training. What is also great is that the whole family could attend and benefit from the sessions."
M.D., London 28th January 2015

"Jo was brilliant, with Macy and with my husband and me. She was a strong, calm, kind presence. She explained why Macy is anxious and gave practical solutions of how to reassure her. She is helpful and non judgemental. As she was leaving, a delivery man appeared at our front door with a takeaway. The doorbell is a huge anxiety trigger for Macy. I told Macy to go upstairs and not stay at the front door as Jo had advised and Macy did it! I have high hopes for Macy and for us. Thank you, thank you Jo."
B.F., London 19th January 2015

"Very helpful and informative. We love the different techniques and believe Bruce has responded to them very well. We have seen a real change in the behaviour of our dog and we are very happy with this. Jo is very friendly and we highly recommend her to our friends and family."
A.S., Rochford, Essex 8th December 2014

"Jo has been really helpful and supportive with our new puppies, from getting off on the right foot to dealing with issues as they've come up. She has been responsive at each point and provided practical advice that has been effective. Would definitely recommend!"
M.H., London 24th November 2014

"Mylo is now 6 and a 1/2 months old and this is our second home visit with Jo. We have also emailed each other several times. Her advice has always been helpful and constructive and given in a most friendly way. Together we are dealing with his/our "problems". She is always upbeat and sensitive to our questions, and never gives the impression that they are the same ones she gets asked by many people over and over again. She really is a remarkable find."
A.M., Ilford, Essex 23rd November 2014

"Jo is so much better than other dog trainers we have had in the past and Henry is responding so much more. The training has been adapted to help Henry and Poppy which I love. Lovely lady and a brilliant trainer!!"
T.S., Purley, Surrey 23rd November 2014

"Jo has been to see Jazz twice now. On the first visit she was very informative about all the problems we had with Jazz. We carried out what had been explained to us and were very pleased with the results. When Jo came the second time we were really pleased that she saw the change in Jazz straight away. We were not sure if we were feeding Jazz the right amount of food which Jo put us right and for also helping with the problem of walking with our Grand Daughter. Thanks Jo. So grateful for your help."
F.H., Brentwood, Essex 23rd November 2014

"Jo came and explained things to us and why Poppy was behaving in the ways she did. This made it easy to help and understand our dog. I started the training and at first it was hard and I didn’t think it was making much difference. I phoned Jo and after having a chat she made me feel a lot better and that I was doing well. When Jo came back to us it was great. We had done so well with Poppy it has now become fun to train her."
T.F., Basildon, Essex 23rd November 2014

"We called Jo in to help us and our dogs live together. Ollie started all the dogs off barking and we couldn’t stop them. Calla was a street dog from Crete who hadn’t even been inside a house and had no idea how to behave. She was very boisterous and kept mouthing us and knocking the smaller dogs over. She also wouldn’t go in the car. Oscar was angry all the time and kept feeling he had to tell her off and we were scared to leave them alone. Athena is also from Crete and had to learn everything as well. Our dogs are now happy together. Thank you so much Jo and thank you for coming to see us all again. We could talk to you for hours (and we did!). Can’t tell you how much help and encouragement you have given to us all, with great tips and things to do. Thank you, where would we be without you?"
M.M., Romford, Essex 23rd November 2014

"We had a problem with our Pug Stan as 2 Terriers had moved in next door and were left from 7am to 9pm. All they did was bark constantly. Stan spent every day very stressed barking in response and relieving himself up our wall in the living room. Jo came in and immediately went to work. Literally overnight Stan changed. It was amazing. We have since moved to another house and re homed a black six year old Pug called Lola. Jo advised us on how to help Stan when we moved and talked us through step by step how to integrate Lola with the minimum of fuss before we even brought Lola home. We had no problems with the introductions whatsoever and had further advice when Stan started to obsessively lick Lolas ear (we went to the Vets as suggested and it turned out she had an abscess deep inside) and when they started to compete with each other for our attention at times. We now have two very healthy, happy and much loved Pugs. Thank you Jo xxx We highly recommend you."
S.D., Hornchurch, Essex 21st November 2014

"Between the two dogs, Rosalie and Emily I had virtually every problem going. Now we have dogs that behave significantly better. They are so much better than they were with visitors, strangers and dogs. Emily has stopped toileting in the house and they both listen to me now. Thank you Jo for helping so much with helpful ideas and support."
D.F., Maldon, Essex 21st November 2014

"Jo is an absolutely fabulous trainer! I first contacted Jo as my new maltese puppy was showing some signs of separation anxiety and also getting into some habits that needed attention. When I first met Jo she immediately put me at ease. She provided me with easy to follow training tips as well as showing me all sorts of amazing techniques that have worked wonders on Scampi. Now 9 months old I contacted Jo again as Scampi was showing a few new tricks and I needed Jo's help. We went to meet Jo who again gave invaluable advise even before we got home! I can't rate Jo enough she has helped me and scampi and I would recommend her to anyone who is having trouble with their dog. Thanks Jo!"
S.W., London 20th November 2014

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