Bark Busters Client Reviews

"It is clear that Jo knows Dogs. She gives excellent advice about the problems and answers all questions as they arise. This makes me feel more confident dealing with Clyde's respective problems. The guidelines are clear and easy to follow"
B.L., London 30th September 2015


Graham is a very helpful and calm person. He helped change Bulcsu's behaviour in a dramatic way. He is a young mastiff boy and quite headstrong, but the techniques and the changes in our lifestyle already had a tremendous impact. I am optimistic about the future for Bulcsu and I would highly recommend both Bark Busters, and Graham personally.

P.S., London 22nd September 2015


Very hands on training - I loved that Jo bought her dog to test Jessies reaction and I also loved that we actually went out into the real work rather than just talking about it at home / in a class. I also loved that Jo talked about Jessies natural instincts and how to live alongside that rather than fight it. Our practice has been going well and I can't wait til the next sessions.

J.W., Loughton, Essex 9th September 2015


I found Jo and Graham very professional yet kind and caring. They both helped me to have confidence in handling my dogs aggression. I had experience of another Dog Trainer so I can compare the training given by Jo and Graham and am so pleased they have been able to help me. Both are brilliant and would certainly recommend them to anyone with a problem dog. Many thanks Jo and Graham. Noosa is a different dog. So delighted I clicked on your web page.

C.F., Kenley, Surrey 6th September 2015

"Graham arrived punctually on both visits. He was courteous, listened well and was clearly knowledgeable. His calm manner was reassuring and effective for both us and our dogs. He was thorough, unhurried and ensured we had a clear idea of how to build on what he had demonstrated and where we could find reliable information on, for example, diet, a helpful lead or harness. On the second visit he brought one if his own dogs so that we could rehearse how to help our dogs react appropriately to a strange dog. We were delighted with the whole process from booking the appointment, the paperwork and mostly the interaction with the therapist. Thank you."
R.J., SOUTHEND ON SEA, Essex 10th August 2015

"After just one session with Graham we have been amazed at the difference it has made to our 11 week cockapoo puppy Monty. Graham took time to assess Monty’s character before calmly and patiently explaining Barkbusters approach to training. Within minutes Monty responded to Graham and it gave me the confidence to put the theory into practice. The ‘look at me’ command to gain Monty’s attention and make him refocus has been a revelation. Today, 10 days later, Graham came back with a couple of his dogs so we could take Monty out for the first time. I wasn’t hopeful as walking on the lead in our house and in the garden had so far been a disaster. Within a couple of minutes Graham had Monty walking on the lead and we then enjoyed a really good walk in the park with his dogs. Monty loved it and so did I. Thank you Graham you have such a big difference."
S.T., London 3rd August 2015

"We have 3 dogs but the one we needed help with is Stanley, he gets extremely stressed when we put on his lead and attempt to walk him. Graham gave us lots of good advice on how to calm him down, explaining it would not be a overnight job to sort him out. He also gave great advice on stopping our other dogs from barking aggressively whenever anyone knocks on the street door. Since the first visit there has been a marked improvement in the behaviour of our dogs and I think if we continue to follow the advice he gave us, the help we received has helped us immensely. Over all the service and advice we recieved has been first class."
M.C., bow, London 30th July 2015

"Jo was very thorough and knowledgeable. She was very friendly and did not rush through the techniques. The information was very helpful and easy to understand"
D.O., London 29th July 2015

"Jo is extremely knowledgeable and gives good non-judgemental advice. Her advice is always spot on!"
D.M., West London, London 29th July 2015


Graham was great and we can all, once again, walk about in shoes without fear of being mugged by Marcelle. Graham helped us understand our puppy and stop any problems before they began. We now have a happy puppy we can be proud to take anywhere.

M.M., Brockley, London 29th July 2015

"The advice we were given is partially working, he is still pulling on the lead. His general behaviour has improved. We were impressed with Jo and the way that she showed and informed us how to advance with Prince. There is still a long way to go with him as he is still a puppy."
J.S., Rainham, Essex 27th July 2015

"I was at my wits end when I contacted Bark Busters as I thought I had a 8 month puppy Bill with separation anxiety who kept toileting in the house. After a visit from Jo it turns out that we had separation anxiety but not from the Bill. After following Jo's advice we now have a much happier household - no more toileting and a much happier Bill and Kai. Jo has returned to help with some eating habits around the park (bread put out for the birds) which I will be putting into practice. I can't thank Jo enough for all her support and advice - without her I would either be without our puppy or my husband!!"
S.W., Croydon, Surrey 24th July 2015

"Graham was friendly and very professional in his approach. I have seen a real difference/change in Poppie and we have only had the initial visit. I would recommend."
G.W., Dagenham, Essex 23rd July 2015

"I have a 2 and half year old GSD who is a beautiful dog but has had a not so good start to life.. he previously lived with another GSD and unfortunately down to very sad circumstances had to be split up, it was such a difficult time for him and i looked to bark busters to see how i can get him back to being a happy dog and not the Dog that he was! I was met by a trainer called Jo and i can honestly say is one if not all the best dog trainer i have ever come across in my life. My dog Bergkamp sufferers from Separation Anxiety he struggles with so badly I leave my home to go to work and he goes crazy, he also can get upset and scared seeing another dog and meeting people on the street and with visitors in the house. Many of times I've got so down in the dumps and blamed myself, BUT there is always a solution and Jo has taught me that. I just want to say its been an absolute privilege meeting you, your work,time,positivity and continuous phone calls has made me feel like i am not alone.. Thank you Jo i feel extremely blessed to have you in my and Bergkamp's Life."
N.K., West London, London 20th June 2015

"Jo came to us first when Roman was a puppy and advised about puppy management, the changes re his hormones, nutritional advice and how best to use a clicker for his puppy training which my son was keen to use. He is very obedient with my husband and my son, but I recently lost my confidence to go out for walks with Roman because of his pulling and not listening to me when excited. As our walks became more stressful I contacted Jo again. The techniques she showed me caused no pain to my back and my hands using the canny collar and walking is now a pleasure again. Thank you."
G.H., Romford, Essex 31st May 2015

"Jo was recommended to us when we got our new rescue dog Buster. My husband has had a brain injury and was getting very frustrated and annoyed about Busters behaviour and I felt he simply didn't like me very much. He didn't know a single command, not even sit, even though he was eight months old. I thought we had made a terrible mistake and was at my wits end. He now sits, stays, waits, lies down and gives his paw. We can now walk him properly and let him off the lead. He comes when called and plays nicely with other dogs. He still gets over excited at times and chews things he shouldn't if we don't keep an eye on him, but he will stop when he is told and does actually listen now most of the time. The best thing is that for the past month my husband had started to come out of his shell and is really enjoying playing with Buster and having him around and my two children absolutely love him."
G.H., Morden, Surrey 31st May 2015

"I called Bark Busters primarily because Sonu seemed to bully my younger brother, needed help with puppy management, chewing and how to act in general with meeting new people. Humping was also another big issue. Sonu also had a big problem with separation anxiety. Now the humping has stopped nearly, the bullying has been cut down and all the rest of the initial problems we had with him has become nothing but a memory. There was a time we would take turns to sleep downstairs (many sleepless nights) just so he wouldn't bark. Now we can have a good nights sleep the whole way through the night. Jo has helped us so much with Sonu and has continually supported us to benefit both myself and for Sonu. Literally like an angel to save myself and my family! Extremely helpful and I would without question recommend her to anyone."
R.J., Romford, Essex 31st May 2015

"We got Yogi from a family. He was about a year old. They couldn't cope. He had separation anxiety and did lots of whining and chewing. Jo really helped to teach us techniques such as "watch me" which helped Yogi feel secure with us. He is now very happy and well behaved dog. He even gets on with the cat now. Jo is now helping us with Yogis anxiety outside the house on walks and I am going to practice the techniques she has shown me. Overall Jo is excellent and makes me feel much more confident."
E.N., Southend, Essex 30th May 2015

"Jo has explained everything very clearly and patiently. The techniques given have been useful and worked well. Herbie is significantly better since we first met Jo. Herbie showed lots of aggression and was not easy to manage. He now doesn't bite at all and will respond to instructions."
S.T., Chelmsford, Essex 30th May 2015

"Everything was brilliant. Jo gave use the confidence and patience to teach Wilbert new tricks and to resolve his behavioural problems. Wilbert has progressed so well and is a complete joy to have now. All thanks to Jo."
K.S., Croydon, Surrey 30th May 2015

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