Bark Busters Client Reviews

"Jo discussed our issues and provided training which has been simple to follow and instantly effective. This has made the lives of us and our dog happier and much more manageable. I would highly recommend the services provided by Jo."
DG, Grays Essex 21st May 2012
Trainer's Comments:
This German Shepherd listened to his owners when he felt like it and as he was such a big dog he used his size to get away with many things. As soon as he realised that his behaviour wouldn't be tolerated he learned very rapidly and has now become an obedient dog that is a delight to be around.

"I have 2 dogs of my own and I also foster dogs. Jo helped me with issues with the fosters aggression and dominance. She responded really well and I now know how to spot the behaviour changes. I also had problems with one of my dogs, Max. He woke me up every night to go to the toilet and if I didn\'t he would wee. By using the techniques and changes in the house within 2 nights I stopped being woken up. I can\'t tell you how much if meant to get a decent nights sleep after 4 years."
JT, Romford, Essex 1st May 2012
Trainer's Comments:
This lady is an experienced dog fosterer who took in an emergency foster dog after major surgery. This dog was terrified and tried to protect herself by trying to take charge in the house and rule her other 2 dogs. She has done an amazing job settling this foster dog in and has used to the techniques to give her own dog confidence. She is skilled with general dog training and just needed to know how to do the behavioural therapy part of it. This has been applied very successfully.

"Jo was fantastic, so helpful and explained everything fully. 2 weeks on I have a puppy being good and listening to us. Also he enjoys his training responding every time. Thanks Jo for your time and great knowledge, you have been so helpful."
TH, Tilbury, Essex 16th April 2012
Trainer's Comments:
This puppy is a gorgeous Hungarian Vizla who was very bouncy and seemingly full of confidence, but could throw his owners by being little anxious at times. He had had a lot of sickness and diarrhoea to start with and had needed quite a few vet visits to sort him out. This put back his training, but once his owners got going he blossomed into the most lovely, obedient dog who is a credit to his family.

"Jo was very helpful and thorough. By the time she left we already saw a change in Toby."
AT, Ilford, Essex 15th April 2012
Trainer's Comments:
This lovely Yorkshire Terrier puppy came to his owners with Kennel cough and needed a lot of care and attention from the start. He was typical of many puppies who suffer from separation anxiety and needed his owners to make him feel secure and happy in his new home. He has come on in leaps and bounds and his owners have done a fantastic job with their first dog.

"Absolutely amazed at how quick the training worked. We only had 2 session to cover her problems and she really is a different dog. Thanks"
MW, Dagenham, Essex 4th April 2012
Trainer's Comments:
This Staffordshire Bull Terrier became very aggressive with other dogs after she was attacked and badly injured herself. Her owners became scared to take her out. She is actually a lovely natured dog and her aggression was her purely trying to protect herself. The work done by her owners mean that she now knows her owners will protect her. She is a delight in the house and has become much calmer so they can take her out without worrying about her snarling and lunging.

"I contacted Bark Busters to give me some tips and techniques to enable me to train my two puppies. Jo was very knowledgeable regarding breed types and was able to give me training tips for both my Toy Poodle and Boston Terrier. She worked with me showing me a variety of simple but very useful techniques to use with my dogs and the supportive written information she left with me will enable me to keep focussed now I am on my own again. The session has given me confidence and I intend to continue using the Bark Busters information to ensure I end up with two beautiful and well behaved dogs."
LL, Romford, Essex 4th April 2012
Trainer's Comments:
This lady went to buy a Boston Terrier and also came home with a Toy Poodle who has a physical disability. This meant that she has had double the work, plus has had to adapt for a puppy that cannot run and walk as most puppies do. She is the perfect owner for both these pups as she is organised and determined to do the best by her pups by going the extra mile. I am confident that she will have the two beautiful and well behaved dogs that she wants.

"I have had outstanding results with both of my dogs. Madison my Jack Russell is showing a lot less aggression to my family and the other animals. My cat had to be caged when she was about and I can now let them out together. I also had issues with barking with both dogs when people passed the window with or without dogs. Jo has taught me how to control them and now we no longer have issues with this any more. There are a few issues remaining but obviously there was never going to be a quick fix for everything so I am working with Jo to overcome these. I have been a Vet Nurse for about 5 years and am always encouraging my clients to ask for behaviourist advice. I regret not asking for help sooner but am so pleased that I did."
DF, Dagenham, Essex 30th March 2012
Trainer's Comments:
This Veterinary Nurse had been told to put her Jack Russell Madison down because of the aggression to humans and other animals. Her and her family couldn't bear to do this and put up with 6 years of Madison having a go at them and visitors. They have done a wonderful job making her Jack Russell and her Chihuahua much more happy and secure and it is a delight to see the progress made in such a short time.

"Axel was a well behaved young dog before my partner moved in, He then became disobedient and aggressive towards both of us and started pulling on the lead and jumping up more and more. Jo spent time to understand and observe Axels behaviour and showed us several techniques including \"bah\" that had almost instant positive responses and Axel seemed prepared to listen again. Jo also identified how my partner could modify his behaviour to establish himself in the pack order. I now have a much happier, less aggressive and stressed dog that loves and responds to both of us."
AF & PC, Wickford, Essex 29th March 2012
Trainer's Comments:
Axel is a fabulous Boxer dog that is full of energy and fun. His behaviour can be compared to a teenage strop when his owners\' partner moved in. He didn\'t like the changes and made it very plain in the way dogs communicate, i.e. jumping up, growling and using his teeth. He simply needed to know where he stood and his owner and her partners\' careful handling turned Axel around very quickly and he is now back to the fantastic family pet he was before. All credit is due to his owner and her partner for respecting their dog and ensuring he has felt safe and secure again.

"Before this training my dog Izzy would not listen to me and was very stubborn. I could not stop her barking. She followed my everywhere and would whine and scratch the door to get to me. She jumped over all visitors and would fetch her lead for me to take her for a walk. She is now a totally different dog. She is no longer hyperactive and does what I ask. She is now such a happy little thing I wish I did this years ago."
JW, Billericay Essex 25th March 2012
Trainer's Comments:
This lady's West Highland White had 3 owners in her first 8 months of life and was also ill when she was young, needing a major hip operation. At first her owner simply felt sorry for her and let her get away with things. Later on Izzy wore her owner down with her stubborness and in the end owner found it easier to give in rather than to say no to her. Izzy has shocked her owner with how well she responded to the training and how willing she was to do what her owner asked. A truly remarkable transformation.

"Jo was really understanding. She listened to all the problems we had with Paddy. She has made a big difference to us and Paddy. We hope this will last and we can have the great life we want for Paddy and us. We had not been able to do things like having friends just pop in, but feel we can now to this. Many thanks Jo P.S. thanks from the Postman too!"
JF, Romford, Essex 24th March 2012
Trainer's Comments:
Paddy is a lovely collie dog with a bundle of problems that have tested his loving owners to the limit. They have invested much time and money in training over the years, but Paddy's superior intelligence means that he has worked his way around them and found a way to keep his owners under his control. As Paddy is so bright he quickly realised what he should actually be doing and has been coming on in leaps and bounds since then. His owners patience and tenacity is certainly paying off.

"We adopted Jasper at 5 weeks old. He was a problem puppy as we got him from irresponsible dog owners. Since Jo's first visit we have seen a remarkable difference in both dogs. She showed us how to correct all problems in simple, easy working ways! We really enjoyed the first session and learnt a lot. We would thoroughly recommend Jo to any dog owner in need!"
JT, Chelmsford Essex 23rd March 2012
Trainer's Comments:
I was called in to see Jasper, an American Bulldog cross who was occasionally aggressive with people and to the other Labrador dog in the family. He was very difficult to handle as when stressed he would constantly spin in circles. He showed classic signs of being separated too early from his mother and his owners had tried everything to deal with his problems with limited success. The strong bond with his family has meant that he and their other dog have responded fantastically well to training and he is already a very different dog. His family have made major progress in resolving his problems and given the level of commitment shown do far, I have no hesitation in saying that I expect them to be able to resolve all of his very serious problems.

"Never thought that Bella would be able to walk among crowded streets walking so well on the lead. To go out with Bella on a lead and not be dragged along has given me confidence. Can never thank Jo enough. She has given myself and Bella a whole new life."
BR, Chelmsford Essex 22nd March 2012
Trainer's Comments:
This lady's dog had multiple health issues. There has been operation after operation with prolonged crate rest after to get her well again. Her health issues meant she could not be trained as her owner would have liked and she would lunge at cars, bikes and people and generally get very distressed when walking. The work that has been done inside the house to get Bella to listen to her owner has paid off admirably outside the home with a calm and happy dog. Bella has done her owner proud.

"I found Jo very helpful. She understood my worries and show me how to follow up her training of Ruby and told me she is always available if I should have any more problems with Ruby."
BW, Hornchurch, Essex 20th March 2012
Trainer's Comments:
Ruby is a lovely Labrador puppy with a very boisterous nature. Her owner was concerned that Ruby would be too distracted at Puppy Classes and wanted home training. Her owner is an experienced Labrador owner and recognised that Ruby was a little more wilful than many Labrador puppies. As she is calm and confident in herself, it was a case of showing her how to deal with Ruby's bad behaviour. Ruby responded to really well and was keen to listen to her owner and do what was asked of her.

"Wow...I have a different dog. She used to urinate when spoken to. This is much better. She pulled terribly on the lead, again this was amazing to see the change in her. I would recommend Bark Busters and do already at the Vet Surgery I work for. Thank you so much."
GT, Grays Essex 19th March 2012
Trainer's Comments:
This Veterinary Nurse hand reared her puppy from 1 day old. She has done a magnificent job with her,but struggled to deal with her young dogs fear of any visitors,even when her dog knew them. Her dog also got so excited when she went for a walk she literally pulled her over the road to the park and off her feet at times. The change is her dog is a joy to see.

"Jo has been a great trainer. She understood straight away what our problems were and taught us great techniques to correct the problems. Lenny has responded brilliantly to this and within a couple of days was showing great improvement. Thanks to Jo we have a much calmer dog and I can now enjoy a long walk with Lenny without being pulled."
CO, Basildon, Essex 17th March 2012
Trainer's Comments:
This Staffordshire Bull Terrier was a very anxious dog and needed lots of guidance and support from his owners to overcome his fears and enjoy himself. He worships his owners and just needed to know that he could relax and didn't have to try and look after everyone. He has done really well and his owners patience and understanding of him has made him a much more settled and happy dog.

"Jo was very kind and happy person. She made me feel comfortable and put me at ease when I had to make various noises to my puppy where I wouldn't normally do it in front of people. I would strongly recommend Jo to ANYONE!"
RV, Grays, Essex 7th March 2012
Trainer's Comments:
This was this young couples first puppy. A lovely Basset Hound/Sharpei cross brought from a responsible breeder. They read many books and researched on the internet about training, but found the information confusing and contradictory. They simply wanted the best for their puppy and they had taken their responsibilities very seriously. Their puppy responded very well and with them as owners he will grow up into a lovely dog.

"Unbelievable change in our dogs behaviour. Virtually instant results. We couldn't believe how well this worked and how much more confident we have become in handling our dogs behaviour."
TP, Chelmsford 3rd March 2012
Trainer's Comments:
This couple are very experienced dog owners and devoted much time and attention to training their German Shepherd. Unfortunately the training class they attended did not assess their dogs personality correctly and the training regime undermined both the dogs and owners confidence. They now have a big bouncy, confident and happy dog who is happy to co-operate with his loving owners.

"I am so pleased that I contacted Bark Busters and am amazed to discover that my dog is not untrainable or mental. I am relieved to finally have help that gets results within hours. It is very sad that my dog has been so unhappy and stressed for quite some time and I have just thought him naughty. He is now happy and relaxed. I will definitely recommend Bark Busters to other frustrated owners that I know."
EF, Ilford 7th February 2012
Trainer's Comments:
This lady had tried very hard with her 5 year old Boxer cross dog and had read books, researched on the internet and watched TV programs in her quest to tackle her dog's problems. Her dog is fortunate to have such a committed owner and as soon as she was shown what to do, she applied all the principles and has had a fantastic result. Her dog has a lovely personality and delights in making his owner happy now.

"From the very first meeting with Jo I saw a difference in Ruby. I had already changed her diet to the one suggested and this has made a complete change for the better to Ruby's health. My main reason was pulling on the lead. After just one lesson Ruby was walking to heel on a loose leash. I had tried everything from different devices to training classes with no luck. Now I'm a very happy dog owner. Thanks to Bark Busters. Thank you Jo for your help."
PF, Dagenham, Essex 3rd February 2012
Trainer's Comments:
This lovely lady has health issues which meant walking her cocker Spaniel was very painful for her. She has worked very hard with Ruby and the work she has put in in her home has delivered great results outside the home. She is a thoughtful caring owner who puts her dog first and just needed to know how to do it.

"Jo made the training fun for both the dogs and my family. We found her very friendly and she explained things very well."
D.O, Romford, Essex 31st January 2012
Trainer's Comments:
This family have previously done training with their dogs, but found that they had problems in their home which they couldn't resolve. They have worked hard with their Bichon Frise and West Highland White and can now bring people into their home without concerns about their dogs behaviour.

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