Bark Busters Client Reviews

"Really comprehensive and useful. The "watch me" now works to perfection!"
L.M., Shoeburyness, Essex 27th January 2016

"Jo has always been patient and understanding about each of my dogs. She spent a lot of time helping my dogs deal with sibling rivalry and showed me great techniques to use with my large breed puppy. The one to one time was so successful that I now have 3 well-behaved dogs who love spending time together and are a pleasure to take out. I would highly recommend Jo as she takes the time to get to know both you and your dog and successfully plans ways to deal with their unique personalities."
A.C., Clapham, London 20th December 2015

"Jo spent a long time discussing the issues with both Betty & Rizla, she suggested many different techniques which we are currently still working on. We do not know what had upset Betty and we appreciate that we have to take the process slowly, but are feeling positive that we will now have a happy outcome. We understand that we can contact Jo if we have any ongoing concerns and will keep her updated on our progress"
M.G., Aveley, Essex 9th December 2015

"We were really pleased with Jo, she was helpful and friendly and didn't judge us at all. She understood our two dogs (Jack Russell brothers from the same litter, aged 2) perfectly and explained things to us in an easy way to understand. To our surprise, most of the things she recommended to us, were changes that we could implement in our house. She also showed us how to do some basic training and took the time to take them out for a walk too. We have been able to make some of the changes already, and have noticed a difference in our dogs behaviour. The most important thing for us though, was that Jo really helped us to understand why the dogs behaved in certain ways and what was going through their heads. This made us feel more confident that we would be able to help them become happier and more content with each other. Thank you very much Jo."
J.T., Grays, Essex 6th December 2015

"The training I received from Graham was excellent I am well pleased with the first lesson."
J.S., Grays, Essex 30th November 2015

"We approached Bark Busters as initially we were concerned that Oscar our 7 year old Yorkshire Terrier was growling at our adult daughter if she came into the room. He was also jumping up at visitors and barking whenever anyone came into the home or walked past in his view. We called Jo for further help when my husband retired and Oscar became anxious when left on his own. Jo helped us to understand why he was behaving in this way and how we could address the issues. We have noticed a marked improvement and Oscar (and my daughter!) are now much happier."
M.M., Grays, Essex 30th November 2015

"Very pleased with all aspects of the advice and training given. Progress has been noticeable from day one. Lola is now showing confidence around other dogs."
I.G., Croydon, Surrey 30th November 2015

"Fantastic training. Jo is excellent in using her own experiences to adapt her training techniques to suit individual situations as every dog is so different. We have learnt so much about our dogs personality and the reasons behind his fearful behaviour towards people. Trying out different techniques and understanding our dog better has enabled us to know how to respond to him to get the best results. His confidence is growing and I am so thrilled to see a light at the end of the tunnel to him becoming a much happier and less fearful dog around people."
N.H., Sutton, Surrey 23rd October 2015

"Absolutely fantastic, money well spent. Jo and Graham are very supportive, understanding and professional. Within a week our puppy stopped chewing and biting we could not have got through this without their support. It's like we have a different dog, and we now regard Jo and Graham as friends. We know that phoning/texting anytime is no problem, they are always willing to help and are always welcome to drop in anytime they are in the area. They are both a real asset to your company and we would recommend them without hesitation, we are truly grateful."
B.K., dagenham, Essex 22nd October 2015

"Jo was amazing she spent time listening to our concerns about the dogs there was no blaming accepting that each of us are individuals in caring for our dogs and as such our training plan was specifically aimed at our needs .I have to say once she explained where the disruptive behaviour came from it made it so easy for us to see why we had a problem .An excellent outcome to what had been a very worrying situation .I would have no hesitation in recommending Jo she has been a god send"
T.M., London 13th October 2015

"Graham came to help me with Chester, our working cocker spaniel puppy, as he was coming up to 6 months old. We had taken him to all the group puppy classes where he topped the class, and I had been working hard with him at home. But as he reached 5 months he had become snappy, barking at people all the time, especially if they came anywhere near me, scaring my 6 year old son and constantly demanding my attention. I worried that I had bought an aggressive dog! Graham was amazing on his firs visit - he very quickly observed that Chester's "aggression" was not an attempt to dominate, as I had feared, but that actually Chester is quite a subservient dog and was actually a bit nervous. A lot of his behaviour stemmed from trying to protect me when other people were around. Graham gave me great advice on how to give Chester firm boundaries to reassure him that I am the boss, and he doesn't have to worry. We saw an immediate improvement in Chester and he has turned back into the playful and loveable puppy that we hoped we had got! Graham also helped with walking on the lead - we were struggling even with a harness to keep up with Chester's pulling. After one session with Graham, Chester is transformed! The harness hasn't been used since then, and with gentle reminders when we need them, Chester is now happily walking with a long lead and collar. Graham has also done some specific work with Chester and my partner, as Chester used to ignore him and only respond to my commands. Now he is better bonded with both of us. I would highly recommend Graham to anyone looking for help. His intuitive understanding and experience of dogs is invaluable. He can definitely help translate dog language into human! And his calm, gentle manner is a pleasure to work with. I now have a happy dog, happy son and a happy partner - so I am happy and enjoying my puppy again."
K.E., Chiswick, London 11th October 2015

"Graham was very helpful and understood our issues. He was very clear in the training and took time to show me what I needed to do."
J.G., Purfleet, Essex 30th September 2015

"It is clear that Jo knows Dogs. She gives excellent advice about the problems and answers all questions as they arise. This makes me feel more confident dealing with Clyde's respective problems. The guidelines are clear and easy to follow"
B.L., London 30th September 2015

"Graham is a very helpful and calm person. He helped change Bulcsu's behaviour in a dramatic way. He is a young mastiff boy and quite headstrong, but the techniques and the changes in our lifestyle already had a tremendous impact. I am optimistic about the future for Bulcsu and I would highly recommend both Bark Busters, and Graham personally."
P.S., London 22nd September 2015

"Very hands on training - I loved that Jo bought her dog to test Jessies reaction and I also loved that we actually went out into the real work rather than just talking about it at home / in a class. I also loved that Jo talked about Jessies natural instincts and how to live alongside that rather than fight it. Our practice has been going well and I can't wait til the next sessions."
J.W., Loughton, Essex 9th September 2015

"I found Jo and Graham very professional yet kind and caring. They both helped me to have confidence in handling my dogs aggression. I had experience of another Dog Trainer so I can compare the training given by Jo and Graham and am so pleased they have been able to help me. Both are brilliant and would certainly recommend them to anyone with a problem dog. Many thanks Jo and Graham. Noosa is a different dog. So delighted I clicked on your web page."
C.F., Kenley, Surrey 6th September 2015

"Graham arrived punctually on both visits. He was courteous, listened well and was clearly knowledgeable. His calm manner was reassuring and effective for both us and our dogs. He was thorough, unhurried and ensured we had a clear idea of how to build on what he had demonstrated and where we could find reliable information on, for example, diet, a helpful lead or harness. On the second visit he brought one if his own dogs so that we could rehearse how to help our dogs react appropriately to a strange dog. We were delighted with the whole process from booking the appointment, the paperwork and mostly the interaction with the therapist. Thank you."
R.J., SOUTHEND ON SEA, Essex 10th August 2015

"After just one session with Graham we have been amazed at the difference it has made to our 11 week cockapoo puppy Monty. Graham took time to assess Monty’s character before calmly and patiently explaining Barkbusters approach to training. Within minutes Monty responded to Graham and it gave me the confidence to put the theory into practice. The ‘look at me’ command to gain Monty’s attention and make him refocus has been a revelation. Today, 10 days later, Graham came back with a couple of his dogs so we could take Monty out for the first time. I wasn’t hopeful as walking on the lead in our house and in the garden had so far been a disaster. Within a couple of minutes Graham had Monty walking on the lead and we then enjoyed a really good walk in the park with his dogs. Monty loved it and so did I. Thank you Graham you have such a big difference."
S.T., London 3rd August 2015

"We have 3 dogs but the one we needed help with is Stanley, he gets extremely stressed when we put on his lead and attempt to walk him. Graham gave us lots of good advice on how to calm him down, explaining it would not be a overnight job to sort him out. He also gave great advice on stopping our other dogs from barking aggressively whenever anyone knocks on the street door. Since the first visit there has been a marked improvement in the behaviour of our dogs and I think if we continue to follow the advice he gave us, the help we received has helped us immensely. Over all the service and advice we recieved has been first class."
M.C., bow, London 30th July 2015

"Jo was very thorough and knowledgeable. She was very friendly and did not rush through the techniques. The information was very helpful and easy to understand"
D.O., London 29th July 2015

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